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Opinion: What a wonderful year

This coming Saturday, August 1, 2015, it will have been exactly one year since I assumed my new role as Publisher of your newspaper. What a GREAT year this has been!

In so many ways, it seems impossible that a year has already passed since this wonderful honor and opportunity was bestowed upon me! Truly, this has been a “once in a lifetime”  experience! Honestly, hearing from so many of you both face-to-face and in writing regarding the words and feelings that I express in my Publisher’s columns is so positive and encouraging to me. Truly, this means more to me than mere words can ever possibly express. For this, I am both very touched….and very blessed. With the outstanding foundation that was established before me by former Press-Tribune Publisher (and current Specht Newspapers President and owner, David Specht), I feel as if we have accomplished so much as a newspaper during these last twelve months. Furthermore, I also realize that the best is yet to come….both for our newspaper and our community!

RandyOften times, I am asked “well, can you tell me how your role has changed since you have become the Publisher?” Having been with the Press-Tribune slightly over fourteen years now makes this question pretty easy to answer. There have been many role changes for me. However, in some ways, nothing has changed. The short answer is, I am now somewhat responsible (or at least involved) in most everything everything that happens here….from building maintenance and presentation/condition….. to the overall presentation and some of the content that appears in your newspaper. Needless to say, it spans the whole gamut and there are so many responsibilities and duties that regularly take place in between the two parameters that I mentioned in the previous sentence. In short, what a challenge, what an opportunity, what FUN!!!

When a milestone in my life occurs (and this is most certainly a milestone/lifetime event for me),

I spend much time reflecting. As such, I have been reflecting in regard to my one year anniversary as BPT Publisher for many weeks now. Furthermore, I also went back and read my first column as BPT Publisher, which appeared in BPT on July 30, 2014). In my column from last year, many things were mentioned regarding the challenges and opportunities that were ahead for me personally (as I saw them) and also the tremendous opportunities that were ahead for both our newspaper and our community. In this moment of reflection, I see that many of the items/events that I wrote about then have indeed been accomplished. And, as it goes with life, so many things are still yet to be accomplished. However, one thing is for sure, the positive direction and opportunities that are present at this time look even better and brighter for both our newspaper and our community!

As such, I can make you,the following promise. Our newspaper is totally dedicated and targeted each and every day toward you. We are also committed to bringing you both a fair and balanced approach in chronicling the news and events as they happen in our Bossier Parish community! Additionally, this is one of the most dedicated and talented staffs/teams that I have ever had the pleasure to be a part of. In short, our team makes this opportunity so exciting and so much fun!! The same can also be said for our readership audience. You make this opportunity so exciting and so much fun!! For this, we are all MOST thankful!

Indeed, what a sincere honor, pleasure and privilege it is for all of us to get to do what we do each and everyday for this community as your newspaper! I have to say, we have BIG and exciting plans for your newspaper both over the next twelve months and in the years ahead! As such, I am already looking forward to reflecting again one year from now. And, I am also tremendously excited about reflecting upon ALL of the tremendous events that we will then be able to talk about at that time in terms of what will have taken place both in Bossier City and in Bossier Parish! Let me say right now, I can hardly wait!

Randy Brown is Publisher of the Bossier Press-Tribune. He can be reached at rbrown@bossierpress.com

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