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Opinion: Winning

As many of us have both seen and heard many times, actor Charlie Sheen has been quoted as saying that “winning” is the only thing that he is addicted to. Well, this column is not about Charlie Sheen’s addiction to winning, but it is about winning.

The Best of the Best — everyone likes to both associate with and do business with the best. Truly, that is what the special “Reader’s Choice” section inserted into your Randynewspaper today is all about. This is a HUGE special section insert tabloid publication totally focussing on the businesses (and individuals, in   certain cases) that our readership has selected as the best in Bossier Parish. This is our 16th Annual Reader’s Choice edition. In comparison to our 15 prior editions of Reader’s Choice (Best In Bossier), we feel that this is our best edition yet! Each year, the bar gets raised a little higher. This is one of my favorite editions of the year. Our reader’s have spoken. The votes have been recorded by our staff and the decisions are in. Now, let the celebration begin!

In my time at BPT, I have been both amazed and most interested in just how much our Reader’s Choice section has grown…each and every year. As I said above, each year, the bar gets raised just a little bit higher. As such, we have seen our readership become increasingly engaged in our Reader’s Choice balloting. Also, our entire BPT staff has become an increasingly bigger part of our whole Reader’s Choice process.

In my early years at BPT, we called this special publication “Best in Bossier.” Then, David Specht (long time BPT Publisher, and now BPT and Specht Newspapers President – and always a source of great ideas for me) came to me one day and asked me what I thought about changing the name to reflect more of a voice from our readership (which is what this special section really and truly is). David suggested something like, “Reader’s Choice.”  As I so often feel about David’s ideas, I loved it! It had meaning, it had significance and it said it all about what this special section really is. I instantly said, “let’s go with it!”

In looking back on the name change, I think that is one of the things that has made this special section thrive! Additionally, I think another thing that has really caused this special section to grow in recent years is the growing desire among the winners to say “thank you” to our BPT newspaper readership for selecting their businesses as the Best of the Best!

Again, this is a BIG day for all of us at BPT and of course, for our winners too! It is definitely true, I am highly biased about BPT, and for obvious reasons, naturally. And, of course, I think that every edition and special section that we publish is a great edition! However, getting a chance to publish an edition such as the edition that we have put together for today really stands out! Today, we are most proud and honored to be presenting the Best of the Best in Bossier Parish!   

Randy Brown is Publisher of the Bossier Press-Tribune. He can be reached at rbrown@bossierpress.com

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