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Orange is the new Red: Easterseals Louisiana launches new, revitalized brand

Since 1951, Easterseals Louisiana has served thousands of individuals with disabilities, annually. While our history is rooted in providing services to children with physical disabilities, today, we’re advancing opportunities for people of all ages and a range of disabilities to better live, learn, work, play and act in their communities. We have evolved over the decades to better serve those in need, and now it is time we also evolve our look, to mirror the changes our organization has made to better serve our community.

In July 2016, Easterseals Louisiana launched a new, revitalized brand. It’s a re-introduction and introduction overdue, but non-the-less it is here and we are excited to introduce it to all of you; our partners, donors, volunteers, advocate, and to the ones we serve.

We’ve undergone a much needed, modern and inspirational face-lift. The new look is in the form of a brighter logo, a new spin in our established name, now combined into only one word: Easterseals, and a refined brand voice that will further energize our long-time supporters and inspire a new generation of friends.

Easterseals LogoWe have also established a new tagline, taking on disability together, which speaks to our collaboration within our communities and alongside the people that we serve. “Taking on disability together” embodies the message in our purpose statement. This tagline links Easterseals quickly to our cause, to disability, and establishes an active call-to-action for others to join us and be a part of an important movement.

In all reality, this new brand that you’re seeing today is more than just a new logo with flashy new colors. It represents so much more. It’s a banner to lead us forward, address the changing environment and marketplace, and translate disruption into opportunities for phenomenal growth in our future. This is our time to re-present to Louisiana as the indispensable resource for people and families living with disabilities.

Our purpose for this Easterseals “brand renaissance” is to change the way the world views and defines disability, therefor impacting the way people engage around disability; not as a condition that labels people, but as a barrier, to transcend a part of the human condition that affects all of us. It’s not a matter of if Easterseals will someday be relevant to a new generation, but when.

And when that day comes, we’ll be here. That’s our job, our passion, our cause, our rally cry. Because as you know, society’s not perfect, our community’s not perfect, and there is much work for us to do. Amazing people like our friends and neighbors in Louisiana power this new Easterseals brand. Individually and collectively, your support is making a profound, positive difference in people’s lives every day. Easterseals Louisiana would like to thank you for your support through this exciting change, because Easterseals is all of us, taking on disability together.

Easterseals Louisiana is a non-profit organization whose mission is to assist children and adults with physical and intellectual disabilities achieve independence. We ask that you visit us on our website, Facebook, or twitter for our new look.  For more information please visit our website at www.laeasterseals.com or call Bernie Bitting at 318-221-8244.

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