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Our Neighbor: Caroline King

OurNeighborCarolineKingTown: Haughton, LA


Birth place: Harrisburg, PA


Occupation: Retired


Family: Husband John and son Christopher


My hobbies are: Gardening and Volunteering


My favorite author is: Nicholas Sparks when I read a novel.


The last book I read: The Heirloom Life Gardener by Jere Gettle


My favorite kind of music is: Anything on KVKI.


My favorite performer is: Neil Diamond


My favorite movie is: Dirty Dancing


My favorite TV show is: Tie between Grimm and Once Upon A Time


My favorite restaurant is: My Kitchen


My favorite president is: Abraham Lincoln


My favorite thing about Bossier is: Barksdale AFB.


My pet peeve is: Negative People


When I’m nervous I: Talk Fast but I’m a Yankee – so it happens.


My favorite memory is: Escorting James Lovell in Dallas in 1995 while he was on a book tour for some movie based on him. Wish I could redo that moment because I didn’t know who he was until a

month later. Wow, that was my aha moment.


If I could, I’d write a book about: Veterans or Heirloom Gardening.


You will never catch me wearing: A Hat.


My father and mother would say I’m: Just like them.


My friends would say I’m: Generous and fun

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