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Our Neighbor: Christy Cosby

 Haughton, LA


Birth place: 
Shreveport, LA



Hair and Makeup Artist/Pageant Coach


Family: Husband, Keith Cosby; three children, Kaghen Cummings, a graduate of Haughton HS now employed with Cosby Paint and Dry Wall; Grant Cosby, 19 yr old graduate of Calvary Baptist; and 15 year old Maddie Cummings, a student at Haughton HS.


My hobbies are:
beauty pageants, Senegence Cosmetics, shopping at local boutiques (my favorite being Simply chi)


I drive a: Nissan Maxima


My favorite author is:


The last book I read: 

Beautiful Creatures


My idol is: 

Audrey Hepburn my amazing grandmother, Earline Tatum


My favorite kind of music is: anything from Blake Shelton to Lil Wayne. I love it all!


My favorite performer is: 



My favorite movie is: The Breakfast Club and, more recently, Safe Haven


My favorite TV show is: 



My favorite restaurant is: 

Panerra Bread for lunch, 2 Johns for dinner


My favorite president is: 

Ronald Reagan


The four guests at my fantasy dinner party are: Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly and Rita Hayward


My favorite thing about Bossier is: 

the Boardwalk


If there’s one thing I won’t do it’s: scuba dive YIKES!


My pet peeve is: cold food, bad service and rude people


When I’m nervous I: 
act crazy. That’s the worst feeling in the world!


My favorite memory is: the last day with my father.


If I could, I’d write a book about: the good side of pageantry and what the world doesn’t get to see.


A movie I have walked out on was: 

Never walked out on a movie… Heck they cost $10 nowadays.


You will never catch me wearing: 
daisy dukes


My father and mother would say I’m: one of a kind.


My friends would say I’m: bossy.

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