Home Life Our Neighbor: Margaret Howard

Our Neighbor: Margaret Howard

Town: Henderson, NV

Birth place: Shreveport, LA

Occupation: Pharmacy Tech

Family: Samantha Howard

My hobbies are: playing pool, swimming

My favorite author is: Nicholas Sparks

The last book I read: The Hobbit

My idol is: my grandmother, Rosemary Ham

My favorite kind of music is: 80’s rock

My favorite performer is: Staind

My favorite movie is: I have two, The Goonies and The Little Mermaid

My favorite TV show is: Ghost Adventures

My favorite restaurant is: my own kitchen!

My favorite president is: George W. Bush

My favorite thing about Bossier is: the kindness of people and the amazing food!

If there’s one thing I won’t do it’s: hold a snake.

My pet peeve is: people that talk on their cell phone while being checked out at Wal-Mart. So rude!

When I’m nervous, I: tend to sweat.

My favorite memory is: fishing with my grandfather in the Achafalya Basin

If I could, I’d write a book about: how different the people on the west coast are from the people in the south.

You will never catch me wearing: a tube top

My father and mother would say I’m: very unique.

My friends would say I’m: always happy and never judge anyone. I like everyone until I’m given a reason not to!

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