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Our Neighbor: ShaRelle Mangum


OurNeighborShaRelleMangumTown: Shreveport

Birth place: North Carolina

Occupation: Photographer and owner at ShaRelle Studios LLC

My hobbies are: sewing, photography, design work (graphic)

I drive a: Toyota Tundra

The last book I read: The Power Of Your Metabolism

My favorite kind of music is: pop

My favorite movie is: I love all the Back To The Futures

My favorite TV show is: right now Game of Thrones

My favorite restaurant is: Carrabas

My favorite president is: Teddy Roosevelt

The four guests at my fantasy dinner party are: Johnny Depp, Bill Murray, Sue Bryce, Steve Jobs

My favorite thing about Bossier is: the people

My pet peeve is: misspelling the correct version of to, too, two

When I’m nervous I: sweat

If I could, I’d write a book about: being happy

A movie I have walked out on was: never have

You will never catch me wearing: crocs

My father and mother would say I’m: driven, hard working and stubborn

My friends would say I’m: moody, and fun

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