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Name: Brittni Roberson


Town: Haughton


Birth place: Bossier City


Occupation: PBX Operator/ Data Entry Clerk for a hospital


Family: Terry Dana Alli Hagan Seth Roberson


My hobbies are: I don’t know if this is a hobbie but I watch tons of movies lol


I drive a: 2013 Jeep Patriot


My favorite author is: Edgar Allan Poe


The last book I read: Water for Elephants


My idol is: Rebel Wilson


My favorite kind of music is: Any genre. I really love the oldies, 50s-80s are my absolute favorite


My favorite performer is: Sleeping With Sirens, Luke Bryan, Two Door Cinema Club


My favorite movie is: Hot Rod, Alice in Wonderland, Grease


My favorite TV show is: GLEE


My favorite restaurant is: Olive Garden


My favorite president is: John F Kennedy


The four guests at my fantasy dinner party are: James Dean, Elvis Presley, Robert Downy Jr., Zooey Deschnel


My favorite thing about Bossier is: I love living in the south and all of our history. It’s a great down home place to want to be at.


If there’s one thing I won’t do it’s: Go into a haunted house or upside down rollercoaster


My pet peeve is: smacking and drinking my drink before I have had some first


When I’m nervous I: shake my leg or talk more than normal


My favorite memory is: Is my sparatic vacation I took with my family to the beach. We had no idea where we were going to go, but we went!


If I could, I’d write a book about: my life in high school with my best friends!


A movie I have walked out on was: Maid of Honor


You will never catch me wearing: anything pink


My father and mother would say I’m: weird or different


My friends would say I’m: Friendly, Great Personality, loud, outgoing

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