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Parish to add $10 mill sewer extension

If Bossier grows, so will its sewer system.

That’s the plan with a $10 million extension to the parish-wide sewer system. The extension will cover a section north of Bossier City to Kingston Road and will add 1,500 to 2,000 more customers, including several subdivisions and Kingston Elementary School.

Butch Ford, Bossier Parish Engineer, said the plan will give the parish “more bang for our buck.”  The subdivisions around Kingston Road are currently in a community sewer system that transports and dumps wastes into Willow Chute, Ford said.

By adding the communities to the parish system, Ford said the cost of transporting to the plant under construction at Cash Point “is much cheaper” than taking it all the way to Haughton.

“It gets expensive to pump it across the parish like that,” Ford said. “This is much easier to engineer and construct at a lot less cost.”

Population growth along Kingston Road was also a contributing factor in the decision.

“We realized that we could go north up to Kingston [Road] and pick up more customers. We also knew that area would continue to grow so we figured we had better go ahead and look at collecting and bringing this sewage to the [Cash Point] plant,” Ford said. “It’s a growing area so this will be good for the sewer district.”

When it came time to fund the project, Ford said the parish did not have the available funds to do it. However, local officials took the matter to the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) to see if there were any funds available.

Ford said the parish has been approved for $10 million through the DEQ. Now, the parish is in negotiations with the community sewer company to “buy all their customers on the north end,” Ford said.

“We’re getting real close. We are hopefully going to close on our loan with DEQ in September and then we will be able to provide sewer service north up to Kingston,” Ford added.

The multi-million dollar plant is still taking shape on Benton Road, located in the Cash Point vicinity along the Red River. The project began in December 2013 and is approximately 40-percent complete.

“It’s not a glamorous project, but it’s moving along well,” Ford said.

The new plant is scheduled to be completed next spring. A parish-wide utility district will ultimately make future residential and commercial development easier to plan and build.

 Once the systems are purchased on Kingston Road, which Ford said should be final in the next 60 days, the parish-wide sewer system will provide service to the highest growth areas of the parish – north Bossier to Benton and Haughton.

Ford said the availability of the sewer system in those two areas will only “facilitate more development.”

“I estimate that 60-percent of the population lives in those areas,” Ford added. “We’re already working with more developers who want to build residential developments and want to come to our sewer district in the future. That’s very positive.”

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