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Phishing Texts Making Rounds in Bossier


Bossier City, LA – The Bossier City Police Department has received information about a of fraudulent text message circulating in the area. This text scam, recently reported in Bossier Parish, involves texts that appear to be from a local financial institution. The fake text is reportedly being received by both customers and non-customers. The bogus messages request that the card holder call a phone number and then requests that they enter their debit card information.

Bossier City Police detectives remind the public that financial institutions will not contact a customer via text and ask for that information. If you are unsure of whether a text message is fake, contact the bank directly, NOT through the number in a suspicious text.

Phishing is a common practice in which criminals attempt to get personal information from a person by posing as a legitimate entity over the phone or by email. The personal information could potentially be used to steal from that person.

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