An update from this morning’s incident at Pierre Bossier Mall: BCPD report that CenterPoint Energy was able to shut off the gas to the Pierre Bossier Mall. Emergency crews were able to check to Mall to ensure no gas escaped.

The Mall has re-opened. CenterPoint will continue with the repairs to fix the problem caused by the accident this morning.

CenterPoint should have more information on when the mall will regain its gas utilities.

Original Story:

Bossier City Police and Fire Department responded to a crash at 8:30 Tuesday morning that occurred at the Pierre Bossier Mall, 2950 E. Texas Street.

A delivery driver was backing into the loading dock behind J. C. Penney’s in Pierre Bossier Mall. The driver accidentally struck the side of the building causing damage to a structure protecting the main gas line going into the Mall.

The gas line was damaged causing a leak.

Emergency crews responded and evacuated the mall as a precaution. Center Point Energy is on scene working on getting the gas line repaired.

Pierre Bossier Mall will be shut down until the line is fixed.

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