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Plain Dealing celebrates in 1921

The Bossier Banner proclaimed in its August 23, 1921 issue “September 1st to be made a big get-together day for all.”

“A mass meeting of the residents of Plain Dealing and the surrounding section was called to order at the Electric Theatre Monday morning, notice having previously been given.  A large number were present and all were imbued with the one idea to forward a ‘get-together’ movement for the purpose of letting the outside world know that Plain Dealing is still on the map and that if all will unite and pull together our town will overcome all obstacles and still continue in the lead in this section, as not a better class of citizens are to be found in any portion of the state: and, with  her determination to utilize to the fullest her splendid educational facilities and to reorganize (as she already has done) her banking business, there is going to follow a quick revival in business circles, with the old town steadily forging ahead, as heretofore.”

“The gathering was called to order by Dr. J. W. Bell, who explained the object of the meegind, and Prof. J. M. Emmons was called to the chair.  Senator W. J. Johnston was the first speaker, suggesting that those who wished the proposed gathering to take the form of a barbecue to stand.  The motion was overwhelmingly carried.  Mr. J. B. Keeth was the next speaker, and a good one, at that.  He believes in going out for what you want and in telling the people what we have to offer, and his remarks were to the point.  Mr. G. T. Mays was next called upon and made several good suggestions, after which Mr. R. C. Purcell was called upon.  Mr. Purcell made a talk that aroused the enthusiasm of those present.  He said someone had told him that the magnificent new school building, just completed, was too fine a building for Plain Dealing and was good enough for New York City.  He contended that his and the children of every one in this section were just as much entitled to a good, or even finer, school building as the children in any city—and that’s what his hearers thought.  Mr. J. E. Walker and others suggested that committees be named to work for the success of the celebration.  Subscriptions were then called for and from those present about $150 was subscribed, besides the subscriptions of meats.”

“A double-header baseball game between local teams is scheduled for the afternoon (just after dinner is served, and the speakers conclude their addresses).  It is expected these games will be the snappiest ever played here.”

“Three thousand people are expected to be present for the grand feast and celebration and the different committees are now busy perfecting arrangements for the day’s success—and pleasures.”

“Governor Parker and others prominent as public speakers and state characters have been invited to be present to make addresses.”

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