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Plain Dealing couple donates furniture to Sheriff’s ‘Shoot House’


There’s a lot of shooting going on in Plain Dealing, but it’s all part of training to keep people safe.  

The Bossier Sheriff’s Office has a large “shoot house” that was converted from the entire gym at the former Plain Dealing Academy.  There are lots of rooms to simulate everything from a house, hotel, courtroom, or any area where deputies need to locate a suspect.  Still a few things were missing – furniture.  

Earlier this week, some Bossier Parish residents donated various furniture items for the shoot house that would allow training staff to furnish the large training facility.

“I understood that ya’ll have a shoot house and that ya’ll could use the furniture to be able to set scenarios up,” said Leilani Tipton, a Bossier Parish resident.  She and her husband, Paul, say they appreciate living in Bossier Parish and wanted to support the Bossier Sheriff’s Office.  “We had a lot of extra furniture since we moved, so we wanted to donate it.”

 The furniture will help keep the scenarios real.

“This will be great,” said Dep. Dustin Dennis, Bossier Sheriff’s Office, “It’ll give us an idea of what will go on in a house with the furniture we have to deal with and go around to find a suspect in a house.  We really appreciate the donation.” 

What was once a hustling gym floor is now conditioned with what looks like a maze of sorts, all equipped to best train deputies.

“We have a multitude of rooms, even an attic space sticking up,” said Asst. Chief Bruce Teutsch, Training.  “All of this is designed for the instructor to come in and arrange this place like he wants to.”

 The idea of changing the old school guy into a training environment like this is something Bossier Sheriff Whittington and range instructors developed over the past few years.

“Reconfiguring the guy into this outstanding training area a real plus for us,” said Sheriff Whittington.  “I am quite appreciative of the Tipton’s and their donation of this furniture which will help our deputies train in varying environments and scenarios where they can develop their tactics and shooting skills.”  Deputies will train in daylight and night-time scenarios.

“Ya’ll help us every day,” said Tipton.  “I hope they do well with it.”

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