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Plain Dealing Lions Club introduces innovation

The Bossier Banner picked up an article from The Plain Dealing Progress for publication in The Banner’s August 10, 1050 issue.  It stresses the importance of inviting local speakers to organization meetings.

“Orchids are in order for Cecil Kelly, program chairman of the Plain Dealing Lions Club, for his very timely innovation of having a live-wire speaker for each Monday’s noon luncheon.”

“On the Monday just passed he initiated his program by having one of Ark-La-Tex ‘s best.  Louie F. Throgmorton, of Shreveport, delightfully entertain[ed] and wisely counsel[ed] the members on vital issues of the day.  The gifted speaker …. allocated fifteen minutes of quick witted and personally directed humor, and ten minutes to real down-to-earth vital issues.”

“To those who think it is smart to herald their meetings with wisecracks as ‘no speeches allowed’ or some such simpering affronts to the intelligence of their fellows, surely the type of entertainment that Louie Throgmorton presented Monday is a

“No organization has any functionary right to exist that does not take into account the fact that its members at least can take in a little solid meat along with the taffy that is glibly abundant.”

“It has to be understood right here that speakers of the type of Shreveport’s gifted son are not always available, but there are so many timely subjects and issues and so many men, even locally, qualified to discuss these intelligently and interestingly that our clubs are missing a real opportunity by not availing themselves of the talents of these.”

“So far as fellowship is concerned, that is fine and a big factor in any organization, but that is one phase of our conventional bodies and the phase we have been discussing is another each vitally important.”

“Surely every member of the Plain Dealing Lions Club has expressed his commendation to the local club’s program chairman for his alertness in a vital manner.  We have.”

“It is a splendid innovation and any club would profit well by placing such type program[s] on their agenda if, and here is the rub, they are alert enough to wisely select topic and speaker.”

In keeping with the subject of this article, I would like to remind all readers that the staff members of the Bossier Parish Library Historical Center would like to be put on your organization’s agenda as a speaker.  If you would like to have a list of the free programs that we provide, contact us.

Ann Middleton is Director of the Bossier Parish Library Historical Center. She can be reached at (318) 746-7717 or by e-mail at amiddlet@state.lib.la.us

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