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Plain Dealing mayor Q&A part 2

Amanda Simmons

Next month will see voters in Plain Dealing pick a new mayor to lead their town.

Residents will have two choices —Donna Canales (no party) and Dave Smith (R).

Last week, the Bossier Press-Tribune was able to speak with the Mr. Smith. This week, it is Mrs. Canales’ turn to answer the following questions:
1. Why are you running for Mayor of Plain Dealing?
2. What will be your priority for the town and why?
3. What do you want to say to potential voters?

Below, you can read her responses.

1. I moved here from California and I was impressed by the community. I was excited to get involved. I come from a strong business background and I see tons of potential [here]. I would really love to see Plain Dealing boom again. I would love to bring fresh life back into the town.
2. The water situation has been dragging on for several years now and that needs to be addressed. I’d like to see a community cleanup and a fresh face on the town. I’d like to get committees going. We have a weaker parks and recreation department. I’d like to see more done there because there’s nothing for the kids to do. I’d also like to recruit small businesses. I think if the town is willing to put money into an industrial park that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, then we should look at the other small businesses. I think working with the schools and with the churches that we can get these committees together so we can create a longterm plan. There’s just not anything going on and it’s very, very sad. The town is a square mile. I think we should look at extending the city boundaries so more people can actively participate in the town as well. I would really like to see that happen.
3. I encourage everyone to think about what they would like the town look like again and what we can do to make it better. I’m not saying that everything needs to be changed, but things that will freshen up things. I want them to participate in these committees, bring their ideas and see if we can’t work out something. I think this town needs a full time mayor and I can do that. The town needs someone who will lead enthusiastically, positively and be proactive to make things happen.

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Sean Green is managing editor of the Bossier Press-Tribune.