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Plain Dealing’s Med Center grows

If you are looking for a hospital that is local and can provide you with the medical attention you need, take a visit to the North Caddo Medical Center in Plain Dealing.

Without the Center at its current location, locals surrounding the area would have to drive into Bossier City or Vivian for basic medical care.

Since the center moved to a new location a year and a half ago, it has only continued to see growth.

As of June 28th, the center officially added four new medical exam rooms as well as a nurse station, bathroom, and an office to expand the location. The facility now has a total of eight exam rooms along with its other original amenities.

Doctor Nicole McCommon and Nurse Practitioner Patricia Webb are currently running the facility with the aid of six other women.

“Although the area and building is small, we stay very busy.” Paige McCathren, medical assistant of one year, said.

“The new addition is going to be wonderful.”

Patients can no longer complain about long waits or not enough space with all of the new additions. Once the new rooms are established, McCommon hopes that another nurse will be hired.

North Caddo Medical Center offers a variety of services from birth to death with a suitable schedule for walk-ins. Basic screenings, Quick Kare, immunizations and many other services are offered to patients. The clinic accepts Medicare, Medicaid and almost all private insurances as well.

The clinic currently reaches out to many local areas scattered throughout Bossier parish.

“The establishment of this facility prevents fewer E.R. visits whereas the older generation may not want to travel as far out of the area if they do not have to.” McCommon said. “We have that continuity and that one on one care for patients.”

“You get to know everyone like family. Seeing the kids grow up and people get better day by day has been a wonderful experience.”

The clinic also provides direct admissions to other hospitals surrounding the areas in case patients have other medical needs the clinic is unable to offer.

McCommon adds that the center is a teaching facility as well and provides opportunities for several medical students every year.

“We serve the more country side of the area.” McCathren said. “We are smaller and more patient-oriented and have the ability to make the patients feel like a person instead of a number.”

The North Caddo Medical Clinic has been established for over twenty years now as a courtesy of Doctor John H. Haynes and Doctor Stephen G. Taylor whom currently practice at the North Caddo Medical Center in Vivian.

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