Police Jury to look at easing traffic congestion in Haughton subdivision


The parish is taking step to ease traffic congestion into and out of a Haughton subdivision.

At Wednesday’s Bossier Parish Police Jury meeting, police jurors approved a study to be conducted for a right turn lane on Forest Hills Boulevard at U.S. Hwy. 80.

As you are leaving the Forest Hills subdivision, commuters are driving on a two lane road with no turn signal to cross over or onto Hwy. 80. This makes traffic back up far into the subdivision, especially in the morning when more cars are commuting to work and schools.

Glenn Benton, police juror for District 2, asked the jury for a study to be conducted regarding relief.  

“What I want to see is a right-hand turn lane coming out so If you are going to Haughton High School, or going east on Hwy. 80 then you don’t have to sit there and wait for the line to clear out in front of you, you can just go right,” Benton said. “We need a right hand turn lane, it should have been put in when the developer put it in.” 

Bossier Parish Engineer Butch Ford will now hire an engineering firm to conduct a study to see if traffic warrants a right-hand turn lane on Forest Hills Boulevard at U.S. Hwy. 80.

Some other items discussed at the Police Jury meeting were to adopt an ordinance to officially post certain bridge structures in Bossier Parish in connection with the Louisiana Off-System Bridge Replacement Program, discussions of FY2019-2020 Local Government Assistance Program and Community Water Enrichment Fund Program Applications, and considered approval of the donation of a 2007 WRGT Flatbed Trailer to the Bossier Parish Sheriff’s Department.