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Prevent Child Abuse Louisiana Becomes Charter in National Chapter Network

by BPT Staff
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Since 2022, Prevent Child Abuse (PCA) Louisiana has worked to promote
healthy child development and provide crucial support to children and families throughout the state. This
week, Prevent Child Abuse America announced that the PCA Louisiana (PCAL) chapter under the
umbrella of VIA LINK successfully completed the national chartering process.

During the chartering site visit, formally titled the “Building Capacity Chartering Process,” Prevent
Child Abuse America state chapters undergo an in-depth assessment based on the national office’s
comprehensive framework for preventing child abuse and neglect at the national and state levels. The
purpose of this process is to maintain the integrity and quality of PCA America’s state chapter network.

“We are grateful to the leaders of PCA Louisiana and their partners across the state for their dedication to
PCA America’s prevention framework and making a positive impact on the lives of children and families
in Louisiana,” said Melissa T. Merrick, PhD, President & CEO of Prevent Child Abuse America.
“Through their efforts in advocacy, public awareness and programs, PCA Louisiana is leading the effort
to create the conditions in communities where all children and families have what they need, when they
need it. We are honored to have such passionate people carrying out this important work.”

Prevent Child Abuse Louisiana (PCAL) operates under the VIA LINK umbrella, a statewide non-profit
organization committed to linking the general public to available resources and providing 24/7 support.
PCAL is dedicated to the primary prevention of child abuse and neglect. The chapter participates in many
statewide task forces and coalitions. With strong partnerships with DCFS, LDH, LCTF, CASA and
private foundations, their work includes, but is not limited to mental health support, prevention of ACEs,
parental and kinship care needs, advocacy, and training and education. The chapter provides an
outstanding leadership role in statewide data gathering, analysis, and dissemination.

“We are honored to serve and support Louisiana families and youth by housing the Prevent Child Abuse
Louisiana office at VIA LINK,” noted LaVondra Dobbs, CEO of VIA LINK. “The mission of PCAL is to
provide 24/7 emotional support for families, connection to parenting resources, advocacy for children and
families, and education for those who care for Louisiana’s children. Please engage with us and learn more
about us on our website www.PreventChildAbuseLA.org”

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