Much has been said and written about experience in the Attorney General’s race. With our flailing economy, the right kind of experience is critical. That’s why I am supporting Jeff Landry. Louisiana has the second worst legal environment in the country. Our legal climate is hostile to job growth. Our neighbors are losing their jobs and moving out-of-state to find work. And businesses are closing or setting up shop elsewhere. 

What’s worse: we currently have an Attorney General with a record of frivolously hauling Louisiana’s industries and employers into court. The Buddy System of jackpot justice and meritless lawsuits against our job creators must end. Fortunately, there is a candidate in the race who is a successful businessman and corporate attorney: Jeff Landry. In addition to being the 4th most conservative Member of Congress, Jeff is a business attorney who has represented and defended Louisiana’s job creators. Jeff is also a small business owner in the oil and gas industry who understands the tough challenges of starting, growing, and achieving in business. 

The taxpayers and residents do not need the experience of someone who has used the Attorney General’s Office as a cash cow for campaign donors. Rather we need someone with experience of fighting Washington’s overreach and overregulation. Jeff Landry’s experience will help us to reduce red tape and improve Louisiana’s economy.  Jeff Landry is eminently qualified to serve as our next Attorney General; and as our next AG, he will serve us honestly, ethically, and conservatively.

Eight of twelve members of the Bossier Republican Parish Executive Committee and five of the six of the Bossier State Central Committee have voted to endorse Jeff Landry for Attorney General.

Anne Price
Bossier City

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