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Profiling Bossier Police Jury District 4 candidates

[Editor’s Note: This is the fourth in a series profiling candidates in local elections coming up this fall.]

Bossier Parish voters in police jury district 4 will be deciding on a representative in the Oct. 12 election.

The election is between Norman Craig (R-Haughton) and John Ed Jorden (R-Benton).

Mr. Jorden did not return answers to questions prior to deadline.

Norman Craig is a “lifelong” resident of Bossier Parish. He is a veteran of the Marines and retired Bossier Sheriff’s deputy. He is also a former school resource officer and DARE officer, as well as former commanding officer of the Sheriff’s Young Marines program. 

He has been District 4 Police Juror representative since March 2018. He has been married to his high school sweetheart Suzanne for 58 years. Together they have three children, eight grandchildren and three great grandchildren, all of whom who reside in Bossier Parish.

Q: Why do you want to be a Police Juror for District 4? 

Norman Craig

A: I have lived in Bossier Parish for 55 years. I have raised my family in Bossier Parish. Bossier Parish is my home and I see it growing more every day, which is exciting to me. I want to be part of the growth and strive to make Bossier Parish a place that people want to call home. District 4 is my district and I want to be the representative and voice for District 4. I want to be able to address the needs and issues before the jury. I believe I can communicate the needs and work closely with constituents and other jury members.

Q: Tell me what your priorities will be for your area if elected?

A: My priorities will be infrastructure issues. Nearly half the roads in Bossier Parish are in District 4. Another priority is clean water and disposal of wastewater. Another will be looking into options for compactors and/or large item disposal. Economic development is one of my concerns throughout the parish and especially in District 4.

Q: There are several issues that are important to Bossier residents. Transportation, economic development, infrastructure. How will you go about ensuring that these are addressed in your area and in Bossier Parish?

A: The Jury is presently working on North/South corridors through out the Parish. We have plans for more East/West corridors. These will much improve the movement of traffic. Economic development is dependent on good infrastructure, such as good roads and good clean water and wastewater treatment. Economic development also looks for public safety and good schools. We have both of these and I enjoy working with community leaders as they are constantly striving to improve both.

Q: Why should someone vote for you?

A: Because I am the candidate that will get the job done.

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