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Amanda Simmons

Bob and Beth Collins are in the business of making people happy.

It’s easy to see why, too. Their red suits, white hair and jolly personalities have made this couple well-known in the community.

“Three hundred and sixty five days of the year, I am Santa,” Bob Collins said.

Bob and Beth Collins are known as Santa Bob and Mrs. Beth Claus, The Professional Magic Couple. They are seen this time of year wearing their traditional Christmas attire, made by a prominent costume designer in Hollywood, CA.

The Bossier Press-Tribune reached out to Bossier Schools to find out what questions students had for Santa. The following is a Q&A with Santa (Bob Collins).

Q: Addalyn, age 6, asks: Do you like the North Pole?

A: The North Pole is my permanent residence and the place I love the most. But, throughout the year I visit many Cities and countries, where I stop and stay a few days. Many of my favorite places to visit are a secret known only to Mrs. Claus and me.

Q: Abigail, age 6, asks: What is your favorite cookie?

A: Santa loves all cookies, of course, especially chocolate chip. But I am always happy to try anything you think I might like–pick your favorite kind of cookie or snack and Santa will be happy!

Q: Brianna, age 6, asks: Do you have a sleigh?

A: I have the sleigh drawn by a great team of reindeer, but I also have have a sled and team of dogs, a Jeep, an airplane , a snowmobile and a helicopter. Santa Claus uses whatever means of transportation is best suited to the weather conditions and the purpose of my traveling.

Q: Landry, age 7, asks: How do you make your reindeer fly?

A: Christmas Magic makes the reindeer fly, but only on Christmas Eve. A long time ago the elves and I discovered magical oats and corn.

Q: Bryson, age 6, asks: Can you take me to the North Pole?

A: The North Pole is the place I love the most, but it is way too cold for children to visit.

Q: Shelby, age 6, asks: How do you go all over the world in one night?

A: Actually it’s almost like two nights….because when it is day on one part of the world….it is night on the other….so I deliver one side….then the other side of the world when it turns night.

Q: Paul, age 7, asks: Where is the North Pole?

A: The North Pole is at the very top of the world.

Q: Mrs. Hill’s class at Central Park Elementary asks: How did you get your reindeer?

A: Besides the reindeer that pull the sleigh, there are lots of other reindeer that live at the North Pole–too many for even Santa to count or keep track of.

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Sean Green is managing editor of the Bossier Press-Tribune.


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