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Babies are ‘time-sucking monsters.’

That’s what Amanda Marcotte posted recently at rawstory.com. In her blog, she blasted Republicans and “anti-choicers.” “Let me just put a stop to this **** right now,” she wrote. “You can give me gold-plated day care and an awesome public school right on the street corner and start paying me fifteen percent more at work, and I still do not want a baby. I don’t particularly like babies. They are loud and smelly, and, above all other things, demanding. No matter how much free day care you throw at women, babies are still time-sucking monsters with their constant neediness.”

Marcotte said she is pleased with her present life, which gives her the “ability to do what I want when I want without having to arrange for a babysitter. I like being able to watch ‘True Detective’ right now and not wait until the baby is in bed. I like sex in any room of the house I please.”

She went on to rail against anyone who would float adoption as an answer. “Adoption? **** you, seriously. I am not turning my body over for nine months of gaining weight and puking and being tired and suffering and not being able to sleep on my side and going to the hospital for a bout of misery and pain so that some couple I don’t know and probably don’t even like can have a baby. This is why, if my birth control fails, I am totally having an abortion.”

BazHead2I’ll give Marcotte a back-handed compliment for her honesty. Most abortion advocates are careful to act as if they’re not really big fans of the procedure. They’ll say, on cue, and with as much sincerity as they can muster, “No one likes abortion. But, it’s a necessary decision that is painful for most women. They always think long and hard about it and it is not a choice that is made without some very serious deliberation. No one wants to have an abortion. It’s only about ‘choice.’”

Obviously, this is not the case with a femisogynist extremist like Amanda Marcotte. She acknowledges that most normal people will probably be repulsed by her comments and she would be right. People who have at least a smidgen of the milk of human kindness in them will almost certainly recoil when they read Marcotte’s blog, but the truth is, most men and women don’t really care if feminists don’t want a baby. Not really. No one really cares what feminists do with their bodies or their lives. Not really.

But, what they do care about is what a woman does with someone else’s body, namely the unborn child in her womb. Just because they don’t want a baby does not mean they should have the ability to take a child’s life. While Amanda sneers about how much she hates babies, most people want and love children. Her vitriol probably has something to do with being a narcissistic, self-absorbed, pro-abortion extremist. You know. Something along those lines.

Marcotte says a pregnant mother-to-be is her idea of what hell looks like. She wrote, “Don’t I sound selfish? Hedonistic?” Amanda, who describes herself as a freethinker, went on to write, “This is actually what I think and I feel zero guilty about it, but I know that saying so out loud will cause people to want to hit me with the Bad Woman ruler.”

Marcotte wonders if there is a rational justification for pressuring women to have babies. She writes, “Is the pressure that’s dished out to women to serve at great cost to themselves just oppression, an attempt by society to extract labor and other goods out of women without giving them compensation and respect for it?”

Amanda might want to re-visit a science class, if she ever attended one in the first place. She acts as if a woman gets pregnant by osmosis. No, Amanda, it’s called sexual intercourse. Having sex. You choose to have sex and when you do you open the door to having a baby, no matter what kind of birth control you happen to be on. Every time a person has sex, there is a possibility they will get pregnant, barring a full hysterectomy. The only women who are forced to have sex are those who are raped.

Those who are familiar with Amanda Marcotte’s psyche know this rant is nothing unusual for her. Previously, she has called babies “human waste” and that is illuminating for those of us who believe in the sanctity of every human life. In order to win this war, we have to know who we’re fighting. Amanda Marcotte and those of her ilk are the enemy.

While it is easy to be outraged by her anger and by the bile she spews, don’t be. Pity her and pray for her. Surely it’s not easy to live each day filled with so much hatred. Besides, the pro-lifers are winning these days. The number of abortion clinics has shrunk. Planned Parenthood has been exposed as being corrupt, money-hungry. Many who have been riding the fence on abortion are beginning to see it for what it is—the murder of the unborn.

Since 1973, roughly 57,000,000 unborn children have been slaughtered by abortionists in the United States, but, with God’s help, we may see Roe v. Wade repealed. Slavery wasn’t abolished overnight and abortion won’t go away without a long struggle.

One pro-life group in particular, 40 Days For Life, is at the forefront of that struggle. 40DFL representatives do nothing but fast and pray for the end of abortion. The organization is international in scope, but you can help them locally if you choose. 40DFL started a campaign in front of Bossier City’s only abortion clinic, the Bossier City Medical Suite, on March 5, and will continue there until April 13.

The group needs volunteers to participate in a peaceful prayer vigil on the sidewalk in front of the clinic at 1505 Doctors Drive in Bossier City any time between 7:00 am and 7:00 pm. For more information on the local chapter of 40 Days For Life, go to the web site at 40daysforlife.com/sb.


Ed Baswell pastors The Clarion Church and is the host of Crossfire Radio, weekdays from 7-9 am, on The Promise, 90.7 FM. The show is streamed live worldwide at promisetalkradio.org and at ktbs.com. It can be seen each day on the KTBS 24-hour, digital news channel.

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  1. Great article! You’re right, we have to pray for her! It’s like she lost her soul and she has no conscience. It’s really sad! I guess she forgot that SHE was once a “time-sucking monster”. Has anyone ever noticed that most ‘radical feminists’ are very angry, bitter women who are unattractive, (and I don’t mean physically). Most pro-life women are full of joy and love and, no matter what their physical appearance is, they’re beautiful!

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