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Randy Brown: America will strike back


In recent weeks, the virtual economic shutdown of the greatest economy the world has ever known has made all us look at life quite differently. Our lives have changed. At times like these, when we are forced into a radical and totally unexpected change, we all have a way of placing a higher value on what we are missing. We place a higher value on life as we used to know it. In short, we become more thankful and appreciative. There have been some horrible days in recent weeks with sickness, loss of life, loss of work/income, the physical absence from our families, friends, churches and much more. For sure, we all feel the pain. And, we are all praying for our own futures, as well as for the individuals and families that have been so harshly impacted. Now, it is time for the comeback. America is ready to strike back. 

Of course, the traditional stereotypical sentiment of the hard working American workforce has always centered around not willingly or enthusiastically wanting to go to work on Mondays. We all want just one more day of weekend. And, Mondays have long been known as being both the worst day and the longest day of the week. Sure, that was always in jest really, a conversation piece to laugh about. In reality, Americans are not lazy by any means. The American workforce is and always has been what has made our economy great. I don’t think anyone feels the “Monday Blues” during this present day, as we are quickly approaching the point to where a solid month has passed with the majority of the American workforce either working from home, being furloughed or being laid off from work all together. By and large, the American workforce is so ready to get back to work that I don’t think any of us are going to be experiencing the “Monday Blues” any time soon, if ever again in our lifetime. 

As the old saying goes, “you can’t keep a good person down.” And, you can’t hold a good thing back. As such, so it goes with our American economy. Again, we have the greatest economy the world has ever known. Yes, it is coming back. Don’t worry. Have no doubt. In fact, watch out. Our economy is about to come roaring back. Pent up demand is about to make a bold and aggressive appearance.

Sure, it will start slow. It may even take months. That is basic economics. However, by the fourth quarter of 2020, things should be rolling! And, when our economy starts rolling full force, look out. Like the dam or levee holding a strong flowing body of water when it is on rise, the water can only be contained for so long before is bursts through its restraints. Yes, throughout history, there have been temporary (sometimes lingering) setbacks but in the end, the massive steam engine that is the American economy eventually comes rolling down the tracks at full speed. Again, it will start slow and it will take a while. And, as always, there will be ups and downs. But, it will happen. So, we will soon see the fire start to spread. The steam will begin to build. Our economic engine will once again begin to turn. And, at that point, our economy will no longer be “jogging in place.”

In recent weeks, we have all seen some of the cleanest cars, the most pristine yards and landscapes, a plethora of people walking, exercising and riding bikes and the most well conditioned “over-walked” dogs that have ever existed on this planet. In short, people have had ample time on their hands. People have had more than enough time to do all of these things. People are anxious. People are ready to get back to work. For sure, this will soon end. The “bursting forth” is about to happen. The American workforce will soon be back “doing its thing.”  It is time for this to happen. And just like all of you, I can’t wait! 

Randy Brown is publisher of the Bossier Press-Tribune.

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