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Randy Brown: Newspapers are still important

Next week (October 3-9) is National Newspaper Week. This is the 81st National Newspaper Week. This event was organized in order to celebrate and recognize the important function that newspapers (and their team members) provide to the communities they serve across North America. National Newspaper Week is sponsored by Newspaper Association Managers. At BPT, we are proud to be an essential part of the community we serve. And, we are so very thankful and appreciative for you, our readership audience. For sure, we would not exist without you.

As I have mentioned so many times in my newspaper columns over the last few years, our mission at the Bossier Press-Tribune is to serve our readership base by covering the news, sports and events taking place each and every day in Bossier Parish. In short, we make it local. That is our niche. That is what we do. We are Bossier Parish’s newspaper. And, we have been serving Bossier Parish in one form or another for the past 164 years. I have now been at the Bossier Press-Tribune for 20 years. As such, I remember us recognizing and celebrating National Newspaper Week every year that I have been at BPT by publishing both editorials and ads related to the importance of the newspaper. I always look forward to this week. 

Essentially (and despite what we so often hear these days), newspapers are important. Newspapers are relevant. Have you ever thought about where you would get your local Bossier Parish focused news, events and sports coverage if this newspaper did not exist? Sure, both social and digital media are important and they serve a need in all of our lives. These forms of communication are continuously evolving. And, they are here to stay. Newspapers have had to adapt and become a part of this method of delivering your news. As I have said many times, the newspapers and media outlets that did not adapt to social and digital media are most likely no longer in business. However, with this being said, there is still a huge need and desire that exists from a very large segment of the population in relation to a printed newspaper product. This segment of the population wants to read their news by holding a printed newspaper in their hands. And, I so often hear it said by so many parents and grandparents that they can’t clip out a photo or story related to their child’s or grandchild’s accomplishments from a social or digital media post. 

Many community newspapers have shut down and closed over the last several years. As a properly and adequately informed society, we can not afford to lose our newspapers.  Rest assured, the Bossier Press-Tribune is still here. And, we remain committed to serving you, our loyal readership base, for many years to come. 

For me personally, the past 20 years that I have spent at the Bossier Press-Tribune have been a fantastic ride. And, the last seven years plus that I have spent as BPT Publisher has indeed been a sincere pleasure. I want to humbly thank both our readership and our advertising partners for their encouragement and support. Serving God and our community (as we print each week on our front page underneath our name) is what we exist to do. Championing and promoting local people, local businesses, local news, local events and local sports is our top priority each and every day. That is why we are here. And, as I said above, you are why we are here. Never forget, we are here to serve you. And, we are your newspaper.  

Randy Brown is editor and publisher of the Bossier Press-Tribune.

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