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Reader responds to ‘I am Anti Gun’ submission

Dear Editor,

With regards to Mr. Brian O’Nuanain and his “a view from across the pond” published in the November 15th issue of the Bossier Press-Tribune concerning bumper stickers and guns 1 have to say “Yes, 1 do know better”. His statement, and 1 quote, “Many gun owners would willingly disregard the democratic process in favor of pursuing their own needs and wants.”

First, we do not disregard the democratic process as it is that very process that gave us our Constitution in the first place. And second, our needs and wants are to remain a free people.

1 would encourage Mr. O’Nuanain to get that “I Am Anti-Gun” sticker for his car. He said he thought about getting one but didn’t, and again 1 quote, “Because 1 was afraid, plain and simple. Afraid that if I put a sticker on my car that read “I am Anti-Gun”, 1 would draw the attention of people who disagree strongly with me — and these people have guns.”

Evidently we have not frightened Mr. O’Nuanian too much, as I can see by his photo in the paper that his hair has not turned white. And you give your own opinion way too much credit Mr. O’Nuanain, we really don’t care what you think, as 1 stated in the fIrst sentence, “Yes, 1 do know better.”


Tommy E. Smith

Cumberland Furnace, TN

(Former resident of Haughton, LA)

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