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REAL ID and Real Money

Subsequent to passage by the Louisiana Senate Transportation Bill on May 15, 2014, and consideration by the Senate on May 20th, House Bill 907, the REAL ID Act, was sent to the Finance Committee for consideration. The cost of compliance and implementation of this appalling attempt to nationalize personal information on a Louisiana Citizens driver’s license is significant.

The state law passed in 2008 prohibiting compliance with REAL ID and blocks the state Department of Motor Vehicles from placing the “gold star” evidence of compliance on driver’s licenses. Governor Jindal signed this bill into law. At this same time, Louisiana’s commissioner of the Office of Motor Vehicles, Stephen Campbell was working to bring our state into REAL ID compliance. The Baton Rouge Advocate reported that Commissioner Campbell is working to reverse decisions or law made by Louisiana’s elected representatives. How will Mr. Campbell or the Louisiana Legislature overcome the legislative ban on REAL ID? Mr. Campbell stated he looks for the legislature to modify the ban.

Per CATO Policy Analysis, the economic analysis which accompanied the Department of Homeland Security regulation in 2007, estimated the cost of implementation to be about $17 billion. This would equate to $50 each for every man, woman and child in the United States. Approximately $11 billion of the total would be borne by the states and the balance of $6 billion would be paid by the public (citizens) as the cost to navigate this proposed new bureaucracy to acquire license to drive. These figures represent $17 billion from tax-payers pockets, paid either to the federal government, to the state government or to the Department of Motor Vehicles. This is now year 2014 and costs usually inflate.

This attempt to nationalize our driver’s license is a prime example of wasteful spending. And, comes at a time when the economy offers very little support to advance the American worker or retiree. A citizen who must  put gas in their auto, buy groceries, pay insurance, pay car note or mortgage note, send children to school, etc. In addition, this federal mandate imposes regulations on a citizen at a time when the government is breeding distrust in too many areas of our private lives. It is time now for state government to support the citizens of Louisiana and stop listening to the bureaucrats. Stop the REAL ID Act because it is WRONG.

Laura Adley

Haughton, LA

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