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Red River sedimentation & hydraulic survey funded

The Corps of Engineers has reprogrammed $1.5 million to fund the Sediment and Hydraulic Survey on the Red River.

The survey will be for the main stem of the Red River from below Lock 1 through Arkansas. The project is expected to take approximately 18 months to complete.

Col. John Cross, Commander of the Vicksburg Engineer District, made the announcement at the Red River Valley Association Annual Convention on Feb. 18.

The Red River Watershed experienced a historic flood in May and June 2015. A major issue that was identified was the difference between the actual crest and the projected crest. An additional item of concern is that the Base Flood Elevations shown on the current Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRM) published by FEMA, used to regulate development located in the Special Flood Hazard Areas (SFHA’s), are not accurate and must be updated.

These issues are the responsibility of input from multiple federal agencies; FEMA, Corps of Engineers and National Weather Service.

This survey is important to identify the changes in-river profile and flood storage capacity. The Flood Technical Committee will coordinate with the Vicksburg District to provide assistance and get periodic updates on their progress.

Once the survey is completed and analyzed the Committee will address options to reduce the risk to flooding with the Corps of Engineers and FEMA.

It was a community effort to express the importance of this survey and impact flooding has to our citizens and industry. The Committee will continue to keep the public informed and get them involved at the appropriate times during the survey.

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