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Red River Valley Association to begin river survey


The U.S. Army Corps Engineers Vicksburg District plans to initiate a $1.5 million Red River sedimentation and hydraulic survey in the coming months.

The survey will extend 324 miles along the main stem of Red River — from Lock 1 near Brouilette in Avoylles Parish through Arkansas. It is expected to be completed in 2017, with results released the following year. 
Once the data has been collected, comparisons will be made to historical data in an effort to identify river changes and contributing factors to the change in river flow capacity.

The data will be used to create a baseline model for future flood plain surveys and studies and to create a sediment model to identify future trends. 
The Corps, which oversees the engineering of dams, canals, flood protection and other infrastructure, anticipates it will be able to identify whether or not geographic changes have occurred to Red River.

The Red River Valley Association, a nonprofit organization promoting and advancing land and water resources of the Red River Valley, is assisting the Corps.