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Rep. Horton explains her decision to vote for Mills in La. Senate race

State Rep. Dodie Horton (R-Haughton)

[Editor’s note: The following was shared with the Press-Tribune after it was originally published on Rep. Horton’s Facebook page]

District 9,

I feel that I must share this with you. As many of you know, I have not endorsed a specific candidate in the District 36 Senate race… despite the enormous pressure to do so.

Why? When we were still in the 2019 Legislative Session, I gave my word to Ryan Gatti that I would not get involved in his race. I even sent him a text saying just that, which I have honored these many months.

There is no doubt that Ryan has authored some good legislation that I have co-authored and supported. There is also no doubt that Ryan has supported and pushed legislation that I don’t agree with.

As a result of the primary election, truly conservative men and women across our great state have been elected. Many seats that were once held by some of the most liberal democrats are now held by conservative Republicans. This is HUGE for Louisiana, for YOU, and your wallet! We are now on the cusp of electing a conservative Governor, a super majority in the Senate, and a super majority in the House for the first time Louisiana’s history.

What does that mean? That means that we have the votes to override a Governor’s veto! We can have a new Louisiana that tears down Huey Long’s broken and corrupt foundation. We can replace it with policies, laws, and constitutional changes that promote and encourage free-markets, jobs, and more jobs!

After much prayer, I am now compelled by a tremendous sense of duty and urgency to share with you the Senate candidate that I must vote for. Because of what is at stake with this election, I feel with everything in me that I would be doing all that live in District 9 a disservice by maintaining my silence – especially since every conservative organization in our parish and state have endorsed the candidate that they feel will be the best person who will join us in our quest of creating a new Louisiana that you all can be proud of.

Knowing that every vote in the Senate is vitally important to moving Louisiana forward, I join my conservative colleagues in endorsing Robert Mills for Senate.

Transparency has consistently been of upmost importance to me as we are all neighbors, friends, and hardworking people who desperately desire for Louisiana to be a state that finally lives within its means, cuts burdensome regulations, and legislates citizen friendly tort reform that actually results in lower auto insurance rates.

The attached letter clearly shows that John Bel, Ryan Gatti, and the leftwing Gumbo PAC are desperate to keep the trial attorneys’ gravy train going. This letter clearly puts all three of these entities on the same team. A team that is clearly more concerned with protecting their wallets than yours!

Their team isn’t my team. And unless you’re a trial lawyer, it isn’t your team either! This letter compelled me to publicly state who I’m voting for. I hope it serves as a wake up call for you and makes your decision making process much easier!

Dodie Horton,

State Representative for Dist. 9

[Editor’s note: The following is the aforementioned letter from Kenneth Hooks, III with Dodson & Hooks of Baton Rouge]

You are receiving this email because I believe that you support the civil justice system and our legal profession.

Whether you represent plaintiffs or defendants, if the drastic tort reform efforts proposed by the opponents of Governor Edwards are enacted as law, the legal community will shrink dramatically, a fact that will impact all of us. If you do not believe me, call any attorney in Texas. Or should I say, call an insurance agent or used car salesman in Texas who used to practice law.

I urge you to take action TODAY by contributing to the following political candidates who will protect the civil justice system and our profession against the attacks they are facing:

> First,  give the maximum of $5,000  to Governor John Bel Edwards (either personally and/or from your firm or corporation);  go to: www.johnbelforlouisiana.com to donate on-line;

> Second, and only after you have maxed out to the JBE campaign, give as much as you can to Gumbo PAC; go to: www.gumbopac.com

> Third, give the maximum of $2,500 to Senator Ryan Gatti; go to: www.senatorryangatti.com to donate on-line; and/or mail checks to “Ryan Gatti Campaign 2019” to 2123 Shed Road ; Bossier, LA 71111; Senator Gatti is a conservative Republican from north Louisiana who had the audacity to stand up to LABI and expose HB 372 (last year’s “Omnibus Insurance Premium Reduction Act”) for the farce that it  was. In retaliation for Senator Gatti’s courage, LABI recruited and moved a retired Oil & Gas Executive, Robert Mills, into Ryan’s district (SD 36) and funded his campaign. As you may recall, Mills began his campaign against Gatti with the infamous “skeet” video, wherein he equated trial lawyers with skeet, and actually shot a skeet with his shotgun at the end of the commercial. Look it up if you haven’t seen it. Even the NRA was offended by Mills’ ad; the NRA has endorsed Gatti. Mills got 48% of the vote on 10/12; Gatti received 38%; and the only Democrat in the race got 15%. Gatti needs help NOW to be victorious on Nov. 16th. Please support him generously.

Of course, if you cannot give the maximum, give as much as you can. Your job and our profession may literally depend upon the results of the November 16th election. You can sit and watch and hope others protect your interests (i.e., hope for the best), or you can be proactive and join the fight. I hope you will stand with us and fight to defend our noble profession by donating  today.

Also, of course, if you would rather deliver a check(s} to my office, please do so, and I will make sure that it gets to where it needs to go ASAP.

Finally, ask every employee, client, friend and family member (and get them to ask others} to vote for Governor Edwards.

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