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Rep. Johnson applauds president’s speech to Congress

Washington D.C. – Rep. Mike Johnson (LA-04) released the following statement regarding President Trump’s first Joint Address to Congress:

“The American dream is alive and our spirit as a nation has been revitalized. In just the first two months of the 115th Congress and President Trump’s term, we have made serious headway in enacting real solutions for the American people. A lot of this work has been aimed at first rolling back burdensome, job-crushing regulations that hinder growth and stifle the economy. It is well past time we start supporting our businesses and job creators rather than targeting them with costly, often unnecessary rules and regulations.

Mike Johnson

“This administration will put America first. National security is a top priority and we will do everything within our ability to protect the homeland. That starts by adequately funding our military and affording them every resource they may need to accomplish their mission. It includes taking extra measures to ensure those that would wish us harm never get the chance to do so. And it means supporting our allies, while standing strong against our enemies.

“These goals simply cannot be achieved while America’s leaders are fighting and alienating one another. That is why I authored the ‘Commitment to Civility’ to return respect to political debate and discussion. I will never compromise my core, conservative principles, but I also understand that while my opinions may differ greatly from those of my Democratic colleagues in Congress, at the end of the day, we are all Americans. And we need to find ways to work together. I am pleased that my commitment document was co-signed by 47 out of 55 new members of Congress and has begun an important dialogue in our nation’s capital.

“America’s best days are ahead of us. I know that through our hard work and renewed optimism–and with God’s blessings–we can secure a bright future for our children and grandchildren. The time is now, and we will seize it.”

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