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Reviewing Legislative Policy

The Louisiana Legislature is beginning to wrap up for the end of session.  It has been a very contentious year in Baton Rouge.  The primary issue that most eyes have been straining to follow is legislation on Common Core.  Suffice it to say, it is much like multiple ping pong matches going on all at once.  Louisiana Power Coalition hung in there to watch as well as to testify and report on many bills this past week.  Let’s look at some of the headliner bills that will affect us for years to come.

Representative John Schroeder has championed three bills.  One of the bills is (HB 1076) and is a stop gap measure to halt student data-mining  which was miraculously successful in getting through the Senate Education Committee.  LPC is in support of this bill and thankfully it jumped one more hurdle which is the Senate Education Committee.  There were some technical amendments, but Schroeder said that the integrity of the protection was not compromised.  He did say he was much annoyed at one of the attempts to place amendments on the bill at the twelfth hour not allowing time for analysis.  However, after talking to Rep. Schroeder, he verified that the integrity of the bill stands.  Therefore, a call to the Senate in support of this bill (HB 1076) is much appreciated.

Another important bill that Representative John Schroeder championed is (HB 988) which is a bill that requires that the curriculum will be developed locally here in Louisiana.  This bill provides for local control of what your children’s curriculum is and how it is developed.  This passed out of the Senate Education Committee unanimously with no amendments and goes to the Senate floor.  LPC strongly supports local control of curriculum and a call to the Senate in support of this bill is much appreciated.

A key bill authored by Representative John Schroeder (HB 199) to keep access to curriculum available for parents’ access also passed the Senate Education Committee.  This passed to the Senate floor with no amendments.  This bill needs calls in support of it to go to the Senate before it goes to the floor next week.

Another bill that goes to the House of Representatives is HB 312.  This is a parent’s bill of rights which provide for a myriad of parental rights.  Louisiana Power Coalition is in support of this bill and asks that you call your House of Representatives in support of HB 312.

Three of the Medicaid expansion bills have all failed this last week.  HB 261, HB 290, and HB 759 all were some form of Medicaid expansion which failed to make it out of the committee hearings.  Louisiana Power Coalition is proud of the testimony against Medicaid expansion by our Representative Mrs. Sandy MacDade.  We applaud the efforts of Mrs. Sandy MacDade, Kathryn Goppelt, and our college intern Miss Hilary (Sonnie) Solet in testifying for and against the bills that were mentioned earlier in this article.

Now for the bad news!  There is a bill that may undo all the good that has been done so far!  Senator Leger who authored  (SB 953), providing for Common Core to be codified into Louisiana law.  That means that not only will Common Core be a law but it also will stop the Governor’s  veto.  If this bill passes the Senate and ultimately goes to Governor Jindal’s to sign off on the bill it will stop his veto.  Assuming that Governor Jindal is going to veto us out of Common Core this would circumvent that possibility.  Effectively, this is a slam dunk for the Common Core proponents.  The citizens need to be on the phone calling their Senators and also the Governor to stop this bill.  Call your Senators and tell them you want SB 953 to be defeated on the Senate floor.  Call Governor Jindal and ask him to continue his current public policy speaking out against Common Core.  Ultimately, ask Governor Jindal for the veto on Common Core!

Until next week, thank you for your critical participation!   Take a few minutes out of your day and help us win for conservative causes.  Help Louisiana Power Coalition and other conservative leaders, commandeer the citizens to a more Conservative state.  Representative Henry Burns said, “Thank-you for your participation in the process this year.  Without you (Louisiana Power Coalition) and the citizens it would have been business as usual.”  It is your state, the Power of the People must step up to the plate.  The legislators do come back late afternoon on Memorial Day.  We have no time to lose, the end of session is June 2!

Diane Long is the President of Louisiana Power Coalition, LLC. She can be reached at Diane.Long4040@att.net

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  1. I’m confused, because the Louisiana Power Coalition withdrew their objection from a bill back in March that would have taken away transparency and parental involvement. They also back the “School Choice: program that ram rodded Common Core down out throats.

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