Letter to the Editor:

Well here we are in the last week before the election and the part of political campaigns that I hate the most is occurring fast and furious.  The attack ads, half-truths, innuendos and sometimes lies are being used to try to get you, the voter, to change your mind about any given candidate.

This is a huge problem in American politics and has become common place and acceptable.  But to me it is one of the reasons we have a dysfunctional political system in our country.

State Rep. Gene Reynolds
State Rep. Gene Reynolds

I would like to address one of the political innuendos in Senate race 36.  Henry Burns has been painted as not being involved in the battles at Camp Minden and the Lake Bistineau salvinia fight.  This is simply not true.  Representative Burns, along with myself, Senator Adley, former Representative Jeff Thompson and others fought for safe disposal at Camp Minden for three years.  Most of this was behind the scenes.  Because Camp Minden was in my district, I was the lead player but Representative Burns was at most meetings and played a positive and supportive role in the final solution.  The salvinia fight is very difficult because of many reasons that have been discussed and tossed around for at least a decade.  Representative Burns, Senator Adley and I have attended meetings with LDWF and others in the research area to try to obtain money for studies and methods to control the aquatic weed because THERE IS NOTHING ON PLANET EARTH THAT HAS BEEN FOUND TO ERADICATE SALVINIA!  Representative Burns has voted for my bills and has supported my efforts to obtain funding.

I think we as voters should be informed about candidates with truthful information about records, character and ethics.  So many times we choose candidates based on false information that is spoon fed to us by special interest groups, party pundits (Republican and Democrat) and bloggers.  I ask you to please make an educated decision and vote on all candidates based on facts and truth.  PLEASE EXERCISE YOUR RIGHT AND VOTE THIS SATURDAY!

Representative Gene Reynolds, District 10

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