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Security scare at Barksdale given ‘All Clear’


A security scare at Barksdale Air Force Base Tuesday afternoon had many in the community concerned.

A Barksdale’s Facebook post confirmed there was a false alarm on a possible active shooter.

According to the post, someone on base apparently saw what they believed was a person with weapon and reported it to Security Forces.

As a result, the base initiated lock down procedures until Security Forces positively identified the individual and determined the situation was a false alarm.

A social media post around 4:20 p.m. said, “The base is on lockdown. SHELTER IN PLACE. Remain out of sight, lock doors or block entry ways and remain quiet. Stand by for further instructions.”

Approximately 10 minutes later, the all-clear was given for base personnel.

“The person reporting, the declaration of lock down, and the Security Forces response show that Team Barksdale takes our base security seriously and will move swiftly to protect our Mission, Airmen, and Families,” the Facebook post said.