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Sen. Barrow Peacock outlines plans for session

Dist. 37 State Senator Barrow Peacock.

With the 2021 regular legislative session set to begin on April 12, 2021 (and with this year’s legislative session slated to last just slightly over two months), the Bossier Press-Tribune staff has reached out to all Bossier Parish state legislators in order to ask what their plans are for the upcoming legislative session. And, what bills do they plan to file leading up to the regular legislative session? For the next few weeks, the Bossier Press-Tribune will publish our legislators’ answers to this question, as well as their additional comments, as part of our series on the upcoming legislative session.

Following District 1 Louisiana House Representative Danny McCormick’s remarks from last week. This week we hear from District 37 Louisiana State Senator Barrow Peacock.

The Bossier Press-Tribune asked what his plans are for this year’s legislative session, and what bills he plans to file?
Senator Peacock began his comments with, “This year’s Legislative session is upon us and will be a very high intense session lasting until June 10, which puts pressure on us to move our legislative instruments from the originating chamber to the other chamber in a very fast-paced manner. “

Senator Peacock went onto say, “Because of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, a lot of last year’s legislative business was not addressed. This year’s session will demonstrate the true character of this term’s legislative body. In addition, this session being a fiscal and tax session intensifies the atmosphere surrounding the Capitol this Spring. As we always should be, we are going to have to be very attentive to the business at hand. It is important that our citizens stay engaged and of course publications like the Bossier Press-Tribune keep citizens of Bossier informed, along with other local media as to the business being presented to the Legislature.”

Senator Peacock also said, “Of course the most direct way for you to stay informed is by going to our legislative website, which is www.legis.la.gov and staying directly engaged as bills that are important to you go through the committee meetings, which allow for public comment, and through the actions on both the Senate and House floors. Every committee and every floor meeting is live-streamed on our website, allowing everyone to be able to view for themselves the inner workings of state government.”

As he continued, Senator Peacock also wants his constituents to know: “I will be introducing legislation to invest in our roads and bridges by redirecting the temporary 0.45 cent sales tax to the Transportation Trust Fund. Senate Bill 1 (SB1) should signify how important I feel roads and bridges are and how we must commit financial resources to them. I fully support the Inner City Connector of Interstate 49 and the building of a new Jimmie Davis Bridge and by doing this legislation, I am more than giving it lip service by trying to put more financial resources to these two projects and other infrastructure projects across the State of Louisiana.”

In addition, Senator Peacock says, “I am going to be engaged with the following bills I have introduced.”

SB22 will strengthen our retirement systems.
SB43 will protect our citizens from deceptive advertisements dealing with medicines and medical devices.
SB91 will bring our state into line with 49 other states with the transfer of investment assets upon death and thus being able to avoid probate.
SB114 will help and support the children of airmen and airwomen as they move to our community and allow them to register for classes at the same time as all students. Being a military community means not only supporting the military men and women, but all members of the family as they move to our state.
SB115 will help with crime by making it illegal for someone to possess a firearm if they have committed a violent crime as a minor. This bill is mirrored after a law passed in the State of Florida.

Senator Peacock concluded by saying, “I truly want to be focused on meaningful legislation that will help Louisiana and support our families as they call our Great State home. As I’ve always said, I encourage you to stay engaged. Contact my office and other local Senators and Representatives and other legislators from across the State of Louisiana and let them know what is important to you as a citizen of our Great State.”