Senators McCain, Vitter and Congressmen Fleming, Cassidy tour Barksdale

Tom Pace, executive editor and radio host of “Talk of the Town” The Promise 90.7 FM, interviews Congressman John Fleming, Senator David Vitter, Senator John McCain, and Congressman Bill Cassidy outside Barksdale Air Force Base Tuesday.

Senator and former presidential nominee John McCain, R-Az., joined Senator David Vitter, R-La., Congressman John Fleming, R-La., and Congressman and republican Senate nominee Bill Cassidy to tour Barksdale Air Force Based Tuesday.

“The professionalism and dedication of these people is incredibly impressive. Whenever we get jaded in Washington, we come out here and see the men and women who are serving and they made it clear to us the relation between air force and the people here is remarkable,” said McCain.

Vitter explained the trip by saying, “This was a great opportunity to get John here and educate him on the significance of Barksdale and our movement to get a four star general here.”

Fleming added, “We’re here to discuss how we go forward with Global Strike Command and the role we are playing now when it comes to the battles going on in the Middle East.”

“We already have boots on the ground and we’re going to need more,” McCain said. “(The strikes against ISIS) is a tough fight and we are not winning…no matter what the president and his people are saying. We are going to pay a very high price for his feckless foreign policy.”

McCain, Vitter, and Fleming all touted Cassidy to replace incumbent Senator Mary Landrieu, D-La., in the Nov. 4 election.

“Obama said this election is a referendum on his policies. America is failing throughout the world because of his lack of leadership and his abandonment of leadership in the world. When we have Bill Cassidy in the majority we will turn that around and we will act together,” said McCain.

Vitter explained that the visit to Barksdale was also a great opportunity to showcase its value in the event Cassidy swings the Senate majority in the GOP.

“When Bill wins the senate race, John McCain becomes chairman of the Armed Services Committee, on which I also serve.”

Tom Pace, executive editor and radio host of “Talk of the Town” The Promise 90.7 FM, contributed to this story