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Seven Teens Arrested for Car Burglaries, Buying Stolen Guns


Bossier Sheriff Julian Whittington says his detectives have been working overtime to solve a number of vehicle burglaries in various neighborhoods in Bossier Parish.  This time, seven teenagers have been arrested for either committing the burglaries or purchasing weapons stolen in the burglaries.

First Case – (Two) 18-year-olds and (Three) 17-year-olds

In the first case, Tyson Lerue Rowe, 18, of the 8600 block of Woodfox Circle in Haughton, and Deontae Cory Phillips, 18, of the 2500 block of Belle Grove Drive in Bossier City, were arrested for vehicle burglaries primarily in the Dogwood and Dogwood South subdivisions on Sept. 9 – 11; in those crimes, they primarily stole weapons and credit cards.  

While investigating reports of stolen items from vehicles, BSO detectives were able to track down these two thieves when they tried to make a purchase with stolen credit cards.  

BSO detectives charged Rowe with eight counts of Simple Burglary (Theft from a Vehicle); his bond is set at $80,000.  Detectives charged Phillips with eight counts of Simple Burglary (Theft from a Motor Vehicle), as well as eight counts of Possession of Schedule 1 (Marijuana), Possession of Schedule II (Xanax), and Possession of a Firearm with a Controlled Dangerous Substance; his bond is set at $136,500.

Furthermore, investigators determined that Rowe and Phillips then sold some of the stolen guns to a 17-year-old…who then sold some of those stolen guns to two other 17-year-olds.  The three juveniles who purchased the stolen weapons were charged with Illegal Possession of a Stolen Firearm or Illegal Possession of a Handgun by a Juvenile.

Second Case – (Two) 17-year-olds

In the second unrelated case, two 17-year-old males were also charged with six counts of Vehicle Burglary (Theft from a Motor Vehicle) for crimes they committed in Cypress Bend and Willow Heights neighborhoods in September.  Once again, because they are juveniles, they will remain unnamed…but their arrests for crimes in these neighborhoods will certainly be known.

L.O.C Campaign

Sheriff Whittington initiated the L.O.C. campaign nearly two years ago to encourage residents to do three things to avoid becoming a victim of vehicle burglaries:  (1) L – Lock Your Doors; (2) O – Observe Your Surroundings; and (3) C – Call and Report Suspicious Activity.   

Here is a PSA from the Bossier Sheriff’s Office to encourage people to lock their vehicles:  https://youtu.be/n7rBIjUhA_I

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