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Seventh detachment of BSO deputies depart for Baton Rouge

Courtesy Photo | The seventh detachment of Bossier Deputies left for south Louisiana today. Leading the parting prayer is BSO chaplain, the Rev. Jay Valentine.

Story by Allen J.M. Smith, Bossier Sheriff’s Office

Another detachment of Bossier deputies left today, bound for the Baton Rouge area.

Bossier Sheriff Julian Whittington said five deputies are being sent today to the troubled area to help agencies there whose resources are strained to the limit after the disastrous historic flooding, which came on the heels of the July civil unrest in the state capital.

The deputies will assist in Livingston parish.

“Those agencies themselves have lost a lot of vehicles in the flood,” Whittington said. “These Bossier deputies will assist in patrol. Sorry to say, there has been looting and other criminal activity when some people take advantage of the situation. Our deputies will help keep people safe, so they can concentrate on trying to put their lives back together.”

The deputies who left today are seventh detachment of Bossier deputies who have gone to assist Baton Rouge area law enforcement during the civil unrest in July and the flooding in August.

July 11, 13 Bossier deputies deployed to Baton Rouge as part of the Louisiana Sheriffs’ Association Task Force, during the civil unrest in the state’s capital. That team returned July 15.

July 19, 10 Bossier deputies deployed to Baton Rouge to provide support for the East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office during the civil unrest.

Aug. 12, two deputies deployed to New Iberia Parish to help with the flooding situation there as part of the Louisiana Sheriff’s Association Emergency Task Force. They went with the Bossier Sheriff’s Hydratrek amphibious vehicle.

Aug. 13, four deputies departed with the Argo amphibious vehicle and two Zodiac boats. A team of six deputies went to the Baton Rouge area the following day, to help with flood evacuations and rescues there.

Aug. 15, seven deputies deployed to Baton Rouge as part of the newly-formed Bossier Parish Water and Technical Emergency Rescue (WATER) Task Force, equipped with specialized water rescue gear, such as life vests which can sustain more than one person, and special ropes and rigging designed for swift water or dangerous situations. That team returned Aug. 17.

Aug. 25, a detachment of five deputies departed for Baton Rouge to help with patrol efforts.

Today’s is the seventh group, which will relieve the Aug. 25 group.

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