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Sheriff puts a priority on upgrading BSO’s technology


[Editor’s Note: This is the final installment in a series outlining parish leaders’ goals for the new year.]

Sheriff Julian Whittington is moving the Bossier Parish Sheriff’s office into the 21st century with updated technology for his staff.

Some of these upgrades include a versatile computer system, advanced training for officers, certified electronic forensics examiner, sheriff’s mobile app and remote gated community gate access.

“For nearly three years we have been working on our computer system. The specific computer system that we have been working on is called Computer – Aided Dispatch (C.A.D). Once we get it at our office, 911 and Bossier City will have the ability to integrate and share information on emergency situations better than we ever had before,” Whittington said. “We are anticipating to go live next month. We are determined to see it through.” 

He also noted the hiring of a certified electronic forensics examiner for the Sheriff’s office.

Bossier Sheriff Julian Whittington

“Everything has something to do with a cell phone. So, we have a certified electronic forensics examiner to crack codes in cell phones,” said Whittington.

He then noted easier access for law enforcement to enter gated communities.

“When you arrive to a gated community you have to get out of you car to retrieve a key from a box to open the gate. Doing so takes between two to four minutes. In order to speed up our response time to emergencies, we would like to have a button on our patrol radios that we can push when we drive up to the gate and allow us entry faster,” Whittington said. “Soon, we will introduce this to the Bossier Parish Police Jury to see if they can pass some sort of ordinance. This is a public safety issue and it will help with response times. It’s just a good idea.”

Another item the Sheriff will be looking into this year is upgrading their smart phone app. 

Specifically, the sheriff’s office can send alerts or important information to the public through the app, while also allowing the public to send crime tips.

“We are pretty close to getting this done. Once we get the C.A.D system online, we will start pushing with the app company and actually putting that out,” said Whittington.

A project currently being worked on is a shotgun course and archery range.  

“We’re going to be working in conjunction with 4H because 4H groups could also use it to hone their skills,” said Whittington.

Lastly, the Sheriff is happy to announce the hiring of a director for Keep Bossier Beautiful.

“I’ve been working with Bossier City Mayor Lo Walker and the police jury to hire someone as director for Keep Bossier Beautiful. Lynn Bryan is going to be the executive director for Keep Bossier Beautiful and will start March 1. She’s going to spend every single day getting things coordinated and make Bossier better. She’s going to do some good,” said Whittington. 

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