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Shooting, car burglaries have police and community on alert


A fatal shooting and rash of car thefts in north Bossier last week has the community on alert and police being even more vigilant.

TSgt. Joshua Kidd was shot and killed in the early morning of Sept. 25 just yards away from his home in the Green Acres Place neighborhood. Just hours before Kidd was killed, nine car burglaries were reported in the same neighborhood.

Bossier City Police spokesperson Traci Landry said the shooting and reported burglaries are not related as of Monday morning. However, two teens — Jareona Crosby, 17, and a 15-year-old male juvenile — were arrested Monday by the Bossier City Police Department’s Violent Crimes Unit for second-degree murder, 10 counts of simple burglary of a vehicle, and one count of theft of a firearm.

“The homicide case and vehicle burglary cases are under active and ongoing investigation,” said Landry via email Monday morning. “We are grateful to the Green Acres Place community for their assistance and support of the investigation efforts.”

Landry did not comment when asked whether there is a concern that vehicle burglaries or theft of vehicles are becoming, or could become, violent.

The police do ask that residents be vigilant regarding any suspicious activity or persons in their neighborhood.

“Residents know what is normal for their neighborhood,” said Landry. “An observant attitude, being aware of strange cars, persons, or circumstances and, in turn, reporting that activity to police can help keep a community safe.”

North Bossier isn’t known for violent crimes or thefts, although there was a rash of vehicle burglaries reported earlier this year in the Lakewood Subdivision in north Bossier right outside city limits. Kidd’s death was the first homicide of 2018 in Bossier City.

When asked if the BCPD is concerned that crime may be spreading to the northern part of the city, or if there are any hotspots for vehicle burglaries in the city, Landry said it is a mobile crime and one of opportunity.

“Criminals are opportunistic and they are mobile. As far as ‘hot spots’ or an uptick in numbers, what we and police agencies across the nation see when it comes to vehicle burglaries is that it is a crime of opportunity. Criminals look for open car doors. If it’s not an easy target, they move on to the next vehicle,” she said.

There were 277 vehicle burglaries from January to August 2018. That is down from the same time during 2017 where there were 333.

However, motor vehicle thefts have increased from January to August 2018 to 199, from 184 in the same time last year.

Although, Landry said some of those reported cases are unauthorized vehicle use.

“In that instance it’s something like a vehicle was loaned to a relative and they don’t return it,” she said.

She added that not all of those case stats are outstanding.

“Bossier City Police have made multiple arrests in previous vehicle burglary cases last year and earlier this year and they are actively investigating the crimes that occurred recently,” Landry said.

The BCPD offered steps the public can take to deter the crimes and make it less likely to become a victim of a vehicle burglary.

“The real key to this is being consistent and making it a part of your routine and your neighbor’s routine,” Landry said.

These include:

  • Lock your vehicle and take the keys.
  • Remove items of value from your vehicle, including loose change.
  • If possible park in non-secluded, well lighted areas. Or, if it’s an option, park in your garage and close the garage door.
  • Notify police of any suspicious people or activity in your neighborhood.
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Sean Green is managing editor of the Bossier Press-Tribune.


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