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Consolidated Waterworks and Sewage District #1Operator Jody Parker prepares to start smoke testing in River Ridge subdivision.

Sewer lines in a section of River Ridge subdivision along Country Club Dr. were tested Thursday by Consolidated Waterworks and Sewage District #1 to determine if inflow or infiltration of rain water is working its way into the system.

Bossier Parish Director of Public Utilities Larry Landry said smoke testing is one of several techniques that can identify cracks and illicit connections to the sanitary sewer system.

“Smoke tests help us determine if there are actual cracks in the sewer line, defective sewer connections, illicit cross‐connections with storm drains or building connections without proper traps or plumbing,” he said. “ These problems can lead to public health and safety concerns.”

Landry said smoke testing is an efficient, cost‐effective way to rapidly identify trouble spots in a portion of the sewer line. It is one technique the parish uses to identify where a sewer line is in need of repair or replacement. And, he said, it’s a harmless test method.

“The ‘smoke’ is not really smoke. It’s a non‐toxic, non‐staining, and odorless mist. Smoke testing using this mist has been endorsed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for more than 20 years,” he said.

If a leak in a line is discovered on their property, homeowners will be notified either in person or by letter, Landry said.

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