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Willis-Knighton purchases Palmetto Country Club

Willis-Knighton purchases Palmetto Country Club

Photo by Amanda Simmons/Press-Tribune

Willis-Knighton Health System has purchased the vacant Palmetto Country Club property in Benton.

Willis-Knighton President & CEO James K. Elrod confirmed the purchase in an open letter to the citizens of Benton and north Bossier. The letter states that the property will be revitalized to address the health needs of a growing north Bossier community.

“The Palmetto Country Club property affords us an unprecedented opportunity to acquire a tract of land of sufficient size to grow our new campus as community needs evolve,” the letter states. “Seconds count, especially in emergent medical situations, making close access to care vital.”

Palmetto Country Club ceased operations on Dec. 31, 2014. Willis-Knighton plans to preserve the 155-acre park-like property with an expansive green space around the perimeter, featuring benches and a walking trail.

The open letter states that privacy of the adjacent land owners will be respected in planning these recreational opportunities. 
Willis-Knighton has expressed interest in hearing from area residents regarding service preferences. They will solicit public input in the coming weeks.

050416BPTpage10AThe land purchase comes some 20 years after the opening of WK Bossier Health Center.

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  1. Its RIDICULOUS!!! Why put any kind of Heath ANYTHING on 2 lane palmetto road?’! To top it off WK Bossier is THE WORST EVER…..We’d have rather had the pool!!!

  2. Spent 6 hours in WK Bossier Er last weekend ……. Only has two ER physicians!!! Maybe instead of buying everything they should focus on the problems they have already!!!

  3. My husband can remember when his grandfather( Dr John Bell Hall) was on the board that opened this place many years ago. Yes, this was one heck of a place. Maybe they can turn this into something useful to instead of stagnant. This is going to be interesting. Do not know what to think because it is right down the street. Just a sign of a growing town and this some can’t quite get used to it.

  4. Great location for an Assisted / Independent living area with a beautiful green course. What a way to make use of something that is deteriorating before our eyes. Will help our North Bossier area.

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