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Speaker Johnson Applauds House Passage of FY25 NDAA

by BPT Staff
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Today, the House of Representatives voted to advance the FY25 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), annual legislation which includes major priorities for the Louisiana defense community, particularly Barksdale Air Force Base along with Air Force Global Strike Command and Fort Johnson along with the Joint Readiness Training Center.

The FY25 NDAA contains many quality-of-life improvements, namely:

  • 19.5% pay raise for junior enlisted service members
  • 4.5% pay raise for all other service members
  • Authorizes nearly $1 billion to improve existing barracks, build new barracks, and new childcare centers
  • Ensures the basic housing allowance covers 100% of housing costs
  • Expands allowances for housing and food for servicemembers
  • Requires DoD to base all personnel decisions on individual merit and demonstrated performance

“As we confront increasingly hostile threats from Communist China, Russia, and Iran, we must provide our military with all the tools they need to defend our nation and deter our enemies. This year’s NDAA will refocus our military on its core mission of defending America and its interests across the globe, fund the deployment of the National Guard to the southwest border, expedite innovation and reduce the acquisition timeline for new weaponry, support our allies, and strengthen our nuclear posture and missile defense programs,” Speaker Johnson said.

“This legislation also reinforces our commitment to America’s brave men and women in uniform, and their families, by making landmark investments in their quality of life. I’m proud that we’re providing significant pay increases to our servicemembers, reducing barriers to employment for military spouses, and improving military housing and access to childcare.”

“This year’s NDAA also includes significant investments for Louisiana and the 4th Congressional District, which is home to Barksdale Air Force Base, Air Force Global Strike Command, Fort Johnson, and other critically important assets for American national security and military readiness,” Speaker Johnson concluded.

LA-04 Provisions authorized in FY 2025 NDAA or Appropriated in Milcon/VA Appropriations:

Barksdale Air Force Base

  • $22 million – Childcare Development Center
  • Fully authorizes funding for modernization of the nuclear triad, 2/3 of which are commanded, trained, and equipped at Barksdale AFB
  • Language requiring the Air Force to conduct an analysis of the manning at Air Force Global Strike Command to ensure they have adequate personnel to conduct their mission

Air Force B-52 Program

  • $1.2 billion for modernization and sustainment of B-52 Bomber Program
  • Requires the Air Force to brief Congress on potential modifications to the B-52 to improve crew comfort
  • Authorizes the Secretary of the Air Force to increase the number of B-52s capable of carrying nuclear weapons
  • Requires the Air Force to brief Congress on B-52 modifications to improve its airborne electronic attack capabilities

Fort Johnson

  • $117 million – Military Construction Projects

Long Range Standoff Weapon

  • $834 million for development and procurement of the Long Range Standoff Weapon

In addition, this year’s NDAA:

  • Eliminates the DEI bureaucracy and reorients the military back towards its position as a lethal fighting force
  • Bans the use of taxpayer dollars to fund abortions, gender transition surgeries, and drag shows on military bases
  • Bans the use of Critical Race Theory on base and in DoD schools

Since being appointed to the House Armed Services Committee in 2021, Congressman Johnson has secured:

  • Nearly $759 million in military construction projects for the State of Louisiana
  • $352.5 million for Barksdale Air Force Base
  • $378.8 million for Fort Johnson
  • $13.8 million for Camp Minden
  • $3.5 billion for the Air Force B-52 program
  • $2.67 billion for the Long Range Stand Off Weapon program

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