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Staff Sgt. Jacob Winiarski

SSG Winiarski TF Geronimo

By Staff Sgt. Noshoba Davis, 256th Infantry Brigade Combat Team

Erbil Air Base, Iraq – Louisiana National Guard’s Staff Sgt. Jacob Winiarski is an electronic warfare officer (EWO) with 2nd Squadron, 108th Cavalry Regiment, Taskforce Geronimo, 256th Infantry Brigade Combat Team and is currently deployed in support of U.S. Central Command’s Operations Inherent Resolve and Spartan Shield.

Winiarski, a native of Bossier City, Louisiana, has served in the military for nine years.

Winiarski served as the squadron’s EWO, and played an integral role in the communications mission by maintaining electronic warfare (EW) systems for over 15 vehicles. While acting as the squadron EWO, Winiarski assisted with the leverage of EW assets and improved EW protection for Soldiers across the Combined Joints Operations Area (CJOA).

Winiarski also served as a Base Defense Operations Center (BDOC) battle noncommissioned officer (NCO). As a BDOC NCO he managed eight Soldiers, two Marines and multiple base defense systems. He played a critical role in multiple base defense exercises and in the response to the first one-way unmanned aerial system attack against US forces in Iraq ensuring the safety of over 4,000 US and Coalition personnel at his location.

In addition to his responsibilities as a BDOC NCO and EWO, Staff Sgt. Winiarski was selected to fill the position of company noncommissioned officer in charge for Headquarters and Headquarters (HHT) Troop following the medical evacuation of the troop’s first sergeant. As the HHT NCOIC, Winiarski’s leadership has contributed to the continued success of over 80 Troopers across four different locations.

His continued professionalism, dedication and initiative makes Staff Sgt. Winiarski a valued addition to TF Geronimo, while contributing directly to the success of the Tiger Brigade’s operations throughout the CJOA.

The 256th IBCT will return home to Louisiana later this year.

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