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State Fair announces animal attractions


Every year, The State Fair of Louisiana Zoo continues to be one of the top attractions for fairgoers.

Established in 1996, under the direction of Sam Giordano, the State Fair made the decision to construct a four-acre zoo to display animals at the State Fair for all to enjoy. A 10,000-square foot climate-controlled building was constructed with a 25-foot entrance to accommodate the tall giraffes that need to get out of the cold or hot weather. Large pens were also built to provide plenty of space for all of the animals to move around comfortably.

Through the years, this exhibit has proved to be very popular, especially with children and families. The zoo and circus animals this year include giraffes, zebras, llamas, goats, camels, tigers, horses, donkeys, zebus, Highland cow, alpacas, Jacob sheep, ducks, geese, turkeys, chickens and others.

Daily shows include The Double Hump Ranch Camel Show, The Tiger Encounter Show, Ms. Stevana’s Friesian Horse Show and Hollywood Racing Pigs. A new attraction this year is The Pirate’s Parrot Show that will take place in front of the livestock barns. These parrots are trained to perform tricks and interact with the crowd. All of these shows combined with our zoo animals have proved to be both entertaining as well as educational.

The State Fair of Louisiana has very high standards for all attractions at the Fair, including animal attractions. A very strict “Animal Exhibit Policy” is in place to assure that all animals on display are healthy and well taken care of. All animals are properly permitted through the USDA and all have current health papers. The State Fair of Louisiana only selects animal attractions that have maintained exceptional standards and records.

“With the absence of a local zoo in the Shreveport-Bossier area, I feel that this may very well be the only opportunity for some children to experience these types of animals up close,” said Chris Giordano, State Fair of Louisiana president and general manager.

For more information on the State Fair of Louisiana, visit www.statefairoflouisiana.com.

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