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State Police Preparing for Accelerated Academy for Certified Law Enforcement Officers

by BPT Staff
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LSP is preparing for the department’s second accelerated training program designed specifically for Louisiana POST (Peace Officer Standards and Training) certified applicants. We are excited to announce that Cadet Class 105 will be a 14-week intensive academy tailored for current POST-certified men and women. The accelerated academy will equip law enforcement officers with the necessary skills and knowledge to become Louisiana State Troopers.

This extraordinary opportunity offers police officers across the state a chance to join the ranks of Louisiana’s Finest. Accepted cadets will receive advanced State Police training that goes beyond POST requirements in firearm proficiency, tactical driving, defensive tactics, de-escalation techniques, advanced crash investigation, lawful use of force, implicit bias recognition, and LSP Core Values.  

Although the training program is accelerated in terms of timeframe, it does not compromise the rich tradition and intensity synonymous with the LSP academy. LSP is committed to providing the highest standard of training to all LSP cadets. 

If you are a POST-certified applicant, you are encouraged to embrace this exceptional opportunity and fully comprehend the commitment and dedication required to succeed in the academy. Qualified applicants must have two years of experience as a Level 1 POST-certified officer in a full-time position whose job duties regularly include armed duty with the power of arrest in an enforcement capacity (jailer/correctional officer experience does not qualify).

Cadet Class 105 is expected to commence in October 2024, with an application deadline of July 24, 2024.  Applications can be downloaded at and submitted electronically to the Louisiana State Police Commission. Applicants not eligible for Cadet Class 105 will remain in the hiring process, preparing for future LSP cadet classes. Please see below for the Cadet Class 105 eligibility requirements:

·        Applicants for Cadet Class 105 must possess a Louisiana Level 1 POST certification at the time they submit their application. 

·       Additionally, they must also satisfy one of these four paths:

Ø  Path 1 – Two (2) years of experience as a POST-certified peace officer in a full-time position, whose job duties include armed duty with the power of arrest.  The LSP Commission has granted an exception for the two years to be calculated to September 16, 2024 (the date of cadet selections).  In other words, applicants who do not currently have two years of experience, but will by September 16, 2024, are eligible to apply for Cadet Class 105.

Ø  Path 2 – A minimum of sixty (60) semester hours from an accredited college or university.

Ø  Path 3 – A two (2) year combination of Path 1 and 2 above, whereby thirty (30) semester hours will be equivalent to one (1) year of experience.

Ø  Path 4 – Three (3) years of continuous active duty in the United States Military.

Visit for more information on the hiring process, qualifications, physical fitness standards, and frequently asked questions. For additional questions and information, please contact LSP Recruiters at [email protected].

For those applicants not meeting LSP minimum qualifications at this time, immediate positions are available within the Louisiana Department of Public Safety Police through the Louisiana State Civil Service System. Visit and for more information.

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