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Statement of United States Attorney Brandon B. Brown in Connection with Shooting in Shreveport on February 3, 2023 Resulting in Death of Alonzo Sentell Bagley

On Friday Feb. 3, Alonzo Sentell Bagley tragically died
following an officer involved shooting that occurred during contact with a member of the
Shreveport Police Department. My thoughts are with the family and the Shreveport
community, and I pray for healing as they deal with the trauma resulting from this incident. I
am encouraged by the fact that the investigative response and the federal and state
collaboration pertaining to this incident has been swift and efficient.

I have been in communication with District Attorney James Stewart, State Police
Superintendent Lamar Davis, and SPD Chief Wayne Smith regarding this incident. The U.S.
Attorney’s Office will continue to communicate with state authorities as they conduct their
investigation. I have also contacted the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Department of
Justice’s Civil Rights Division in Washington, D.C. about the incident.

I hope that any protests remain peaceful and that the rights of protestors will be
respected. As members of the law enforcement community, we will adhere to our role of
ensuring that the civil rights of all people in the district are respected and all people are treated

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