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Statewide DZD Safety Coalitions Teaming up to Combat Distracted Driving

Photo by Amanda Simmons/Press-Tribune | Dr. Shelly Barrett, NWLA Transportation Safety Coalition Coordinator

The Destination Zero Deaths Regional Safety Coalitions announced that they will host a statewide distracted driving contest. The contest involves students creating a video or meme to educate their peers and community about the dangers of distracted driving.

Louisiana established its SHSP (Strategic Highway Safety Plan) in 2005 to help reduce fatalities and serious injuries by half on our roadways by the year 2030. According to the latest data, 186 people were killed in crashes involving distracted drivers in 2019 and 479 people were seriously injured. Texting while driving is an especially problematic trend among younger drivers who accounted for 16% of the distracted driving deaths on our roadways in 2019.

On our mission towards Destination Zero Deaths, our supporting partners include the Acadiana Regional Transportation Safety Coalition, Capital Region Transportation Safety Coalition, Cenla Highway Safety Coalition, New Orleans Regional Traffic Safety Coalition, Northeast LA Highway Safety Partnership, Northshore Regional Safety Coalition, Northwest LA Transportation Safety Coalition, South Central Regional Safety Coalition, Southwest Louisiana Regional Safety Coalition, AAA, Farm Bureau Insurance, and the Louisiana Planning Council.

“Distracted driving remains an important road safety issue,” said Autumn Goodfellow-Thompson, Strategic Highway Safety Plan Manager. “It’s critical to spread this message, and nobody is better suited to communicate the importance of driving safely to young people than their own peers.”

For more information, on how to join statewide efforts to help reduce the number of serious injuries and fatalities on our roadways caused by distracted driving and to help us meet Destination Zero Deaths goal, please visit www.destinationzerodeaths.com.

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