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Stats show crime is down in Bossier City

Bossier City Mayor Tommy Chandler and provisional Bossier City Police Chief Chris Estess held a press conference announcing Bossier City’s 2021 crime statistics on Wednesday, Janurary 26. (Stacey Tinsley, Bossier Press-Tribune)

Bossier City Mayor, Tommy Chandler, along with provisional Bossier City Police chief, Chris Estess, held a press conference on Wednesday, January 26, to announce Bossier City’s 2021 crime statistics.

“Safety is one of my main things that I want for Bossier City. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the men and women of Bossier City police department who work hard everyday under difficult circumstances to help keep us safe. Some of the stats from 2021 have been compiled and there are some things that we would like to report. Tommy.

Following Mayor Chandler’s opening remarks, Estess then approached the podium and delivered his prepared speech.

“Many communities across our nation have seen crime continue to rise. I am pleased to announce today that crime in Bossier City is down. This is in part to the dedication of the men and women of the Bossier City police department, who work tirelessly to protect our community, businesses and to serve our citizens. Since July 2021, we’ve increased our staffing in the patrol division by 22%. This means we have more officers on the street, to better serve our citizens,” Estess said.

“In regards to the reduction in crime in Bossier City, here’s a breakdown of those numbers. Homicide is down 38%, there were only 5 homicides in Bossier City in 2021. Car jacking is down 43%, rape is down 20%, armed robbery is down 7%, burglary is down 14% and aggravated assault is slightly up, but less than 3%. Theft is down 5% and auto theft is down 2%,” Estess added.

Estess concluded saying “In the coming months there will be additional changes within the Bossier City Police department. To make it even more efficient and more responsive to the needs of our community. In the last budget, Mayor Chandler and the Bossier City council fully funded the addition of three K-9 ‘s, as well as three K-9 officers. Our newly established K-9 unit should be actively patrolling our streets in April 2022. The Bossier City police department has also purchased 4-wheel drive vehicles, which will add additional capabilities to our fleet. The purchase of these vehicles will greatly assist with our mission readiness during inclement weather.”

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