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Strange occurrence in Plain Dealing Pt. 2

The strange properties exhibited in the body and burial of A. H. Herring in 1883 continued to bring consternation to the folks of Bossier Parish. The Shreveport Journal’s reprinting of an 1887 article continued with a few comments submitted from residents who recalled the strange occurrence.

“By what law of nature’s chemistry, and it must be law of some sort, a dead body under such circumstances could so picture itself, may perhaps be worth inquiry by scientific investigators who seek to obtain from the imagined, or may, from the before unimagined, a new truth, usable by the living.”

The Shreveport Journal went on to note remarks from John M. Sandidge and Mrs. Mollie Banks Gray.

“John M. Sandidge, the writer of the above article was a widely known gentleman, representing this district from Bossier Parish for two terms as a member of congress, his term expiring as Louisiana seceded from the Union. Mr. Sandidge and two of his sons of the state seceding went at once to Richmond, Va., tendering their services to the Confederate government.”

“Of the others referred to Mrs. J. G. Alen is living in Plain Dealing.”

“The body was interred only a short distance from the spot originally prepared, and quite a lot of the debris from the old vault are still to be found.”

“The birthplace of Dr. Herring was LaGrange, Ga. as is shown on the monument now standing.”

“There are several now living some in Plain Dealing who witnessed this phenomena [sic].

“Mrs. Mollie Banks Gray, correspondent here for The Shreveport Journal, stated, after reading the above: ‘I remember the occurrence well, and knew Dr. Herring and visited them in their home.”

“Thanks to Mrs. G. W. Roberson and Mrs. Bob Matlock for the foregoing article.”

Dr. Herring and his wife Leonora had one daughter, Marie J. Herring. Marie never married and died at Grand Cane, Louisiana, date unkknown Leonora remarried to P. E. Allen of Desoto Parish in September of 1884. Dr. Herring is buried in Salem Cemetery, northeast of Plain Dealing. The inscription on his monument reads: “A. H. Herring, M. D., Born in LaGrange, Ga., Died at Red Land, La.”

To find about other strange happenings (and others not so strange) visit the Bossier Parish Library Historical Center.



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