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Sugartown Watermelons coming to Haughton Farmers Market


WatermelonsThe Haughton Farmers Market will be showcasing Sugartown, Louisiana watermelons at its market on July 19th and July 26th. The Sugartown area is famous for its watermelons. The sandy soil is good for growing watermelons as well as sugarcane which is used to make cane syrup. The watermelon variety grown in Sugartown is the “Crimson Sweet”. The Crimson Sweet watermelon is light green with dark stripes, averages 12 to 25 pounds with very red flesh, and is very sweet, with 12% sugar content, while the average watermelon has approximately 6% according to online published reports”. Cantaloupes will also be for sale. The Haughton Market is located at Hwy 3227 and Allen Town Rd. It begins at 8 a.m. For more information, please call 318-949-9592.

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